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Business Intelligence tools to boost companies

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Business Intelligence toolsBusiness Intelligence tools  professionals need software tools like a handyman needs hammers, nails, and screwdrivers. Business intelligence includes data collection, processing, and analysis functions, methods, and technologies.

Business intelligence technologies can uncover new ways to boost ROI and competitiveness. These tools are utilized by all departments, industries, and business users, so try one to advance your career.

Business Intelligence tools to boost companies

BI tools—what are they?
Business Intelligence tools technologies process and analyze enormous amounts of organized and unstructured data from internal and external systems. Documents, photos, email, movies, journals, books, social media posts, files, and more are data sources. BI tools query data to create reports, dashboards, charts, and graphs.

The tools do data mining, data visualization, performance management, analytics, reporting, text mining, predictive analytics, and more. Thus, staff can use predictions, market trends, and KPIs to make better decisions (KPIs).

BI tool advantages

BI solutions can help your firm achieve bigger goals smartly and agilely.Your data is centralized. Companies acquire data from databases, portals, CRM, ERP, and other systems. Business intelligence tools will combine the data and present issues, trends, and analytics depending on your queries to help you make sense of it.

Self-sufficiency: Your IT team no longer owns data. Now, even interns may evaluate team data without technological experience. They can report 2020 electronics sales or 2022 COVID-19 cases using patient records.

Predict: With so much historical and current data, staff can make evidence-based decisions. Based on product or service performance history, predictive analytics and forecasting provide insights. Intelligent tools can automatically detect irregularities and help you respond to Business Intelligence tools disturbances.

BI tools automate data entry into Excel spreadsheets and switching between tools. The program generates product reports for a given time period. Create interactive visualizations and download charts and graphs to add that important information to a presentation.

Reduces business costs: Business Intelligence tools can accomplish so much, from consumer behavior and sales forecasting to real-time process monitoring, that analyzing, planning, and reporting are more efficient and precise than before. Over 50% of BI tool customers said these benefits reduced costs and increased income.

Top 5 BI tools

Today, many of BI tools exist. These were the top five BI tools ranked by websites. Five BI tools are not ranked.

1.Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a popular BI solution. Downloadable software lets you conduct analytics on the cloud or a reporting server. This interactive tool generates reports and dashboards in minutes from Facebook, Oracle, and more. AI, Excel integration, data connectors, end-to-end data encryption, and real-time access monitoring are included.

This Coursera guided project teaches Power BI Desktop essentials in two hours. Create interactive reports and dashboards by loading and transforming data.


Tableau can do more than generate nice charts. Live visual analytics lets users drag and drop buttons to discover data trends. The program supports Microsoft Excel, Box, PDF files, Google Analytics, and more. It supports most databases.

Coursera offers various Tableau learning opportunities.

UC Davis Data Visualization with Tableau specialty.

Use Tableau for Your Data Science Workflow Specialty from UC Irvine.

Duke University Tableau Data Visualization and Communication class

Guided Tableau

3. Citibike Trip Visualization Project

QlikSense, a self-service BI platform, enables guided apps, dashboards, custom, and integrated analytics. It has a touchscreen-optimized interface, advanced AI, and powerful cloud platforms. Search & Conversational Analytics, its associative exploration feature, lets users ask questions and get actionable insights, improving data literacy for new BI tool users.

4. 25-year-old browser-based BI program Dundas BI

Dundas BI, like Tableau, lets users evaluate data without IT help using a drag-and-drop tool. Interactive dashboards, reports, and visual analytics make the tool simple and flexible. It has grown from a data visualization tool in 1992 to an end-to-end analytics platform that can compete with new BI products.

Sisense simplifies and streamlines BI. This tool exports Google Analytics, Salesforce, and other data. In-chip technology speeds data processing. White-label analytics allow companies to fully personalize their services. It supports drag-and-drop. Share reports and dashboards internally and externally with Sisense.

Zoho Analytics, Oracle BI, SAS Visual Analytics, Domo, Datapine, Yellowfin BI, Looker, SAP Business Intelligence tools Objects, Clear Analytics, Board, MicroStrategy, IBM Cognos Analytics, Tibco Spotfire, BIRT, Intercom, Google Data Studio, and HubSpot are also popular.

Resume BI tools

You can self-learn or work with BI tools. If it makes sense for the role and industry, put the most prevalent ones in your talents section. Many top organizations employ them. If the job description mentions BI tools, hiring managers may look for candidates having familiarity with them.

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